Walking Aids




Elbow Crutches

Photo: Elbow Crutches View details

Double adjustable. Heavy wall, high strength, lightweight toughened aluminium crutches. Metal screw thread silencer-anti-rattle. Plastic arm cuff. Double locking pins.

Small, Medium, Large. All height adjustable.

Maximum User Weight: 130kg


Forearm Support Walker

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A strong forearm support walker for maximum control while walking, durable to withstand greater weight to height ratios. This walker supports the patient by transferring some of the body weight from the legs to forearms. Easy to manouvre and control with hand levers for the brakes.

Maximum User Weight: 180kg

Care Solution: Perfect for the larger user.

Forearm Support Walker with Basket

Photo: Forearm Support Walker with Basket View details

Versatility and durability in design allows this forearm support walker to telescopically adjust it's forearm supports to suit various heights. Strong and sturdy, the steel frame helps the user balance on inclining and declining surfaces.

Maximum User Weight: 130kg

Overall Height: 101cm to 126cm

Overall Length:  70cm

Overall Width: 58cm

Seat Depth: 21cm

Seat Width: 42cm

Seat Height: 61cm

Armrest Length: 27cm to 47cm

Folded Width: 30cm

Castor Size: 20cm

Unit Weight: 14kg 

Care Solution: Foldable for ease of transport.

Front Folding Walking Frame

Photo: Front Folding Walking Frame View details

These walking frames are a lightweight construction and can be configured with wheels and glides to suit your individual requirements.

Maximum User Weight: 110kg

Gen.2 Series Deluxe Rollator

Photo: Gen.2 Series Deluxe Rollator View details

The Gen.2 Series is the most impressive and advanced rollator on the market today. A host of innovative features such as the extra large "L" shaped shopping bag, new "position lock" angle/height adjusting backrest, an extra wide seat and the lightest handbrakes on the market, suitable for arthritis sufferers!

Maximum User Weight: 130kg

Unit Weight: 7kg

Seat Width: 450mm

Care Solution: Ezy-fold cord. Allows user to fold rollator without bending over.

Gutter Frame

Photo: Gutter Frame View details

Well built wheeled walking frame for mobility training and rehabilitation. Powder-coated steel and chrome. Also available in a folding model.

Maximum User Weight: 110kg

Indoor Walker - Trust

Photo: Indoor Walker - Trust View details

An indoor walker for people who require extra and safety moving around the home. Being light and smooth, it is easy to manage through narrow spaces and perfect for carrying plates, beveridges and other items.

Soft quiet wheels complete the package and rolls easily over carpet edges. Both brakes are operated with a single lever, freeing up one hand. Height adjustable.

Maximum User Weight: 100kg

Total Width: 520mm

Unit Weight: 7kg

Colour: Grey with Woodgrain finish.

Care Solution: Perfect for indoor use in small spaces.

Millennial Crutches - New Product to OZ!

Photo: Millennial Crutches - New Product to OZ! View details

Millennial Crutch National (USA) Merit Award Winner for "Best New Product" of 2005-2006! The Product that Most Improves Quality of Life The Millennial Crutch is an innovative, ergonomic crutch designed for comfort that helps the user maintain proper posture and relieves damaging stress associated with the use of a standard crutch. Short & Tall sizes.

Non Folding Walking Frame

Photo: Non Folding Walking Frame View details

A rigid, aluminium frame with height adjustable legs. Features moulded plastic handgrips and large slip resistant tips at the base.

Maximum User Weight: 110kg 

Quad Cane - Large Base

Photo: Quad Cane - Large Base View details

Strong, lightweight, aluminium construction. Ergonomic grip. Offset base.

Height Adjustable: 760-960mm

Quad Cane - Small Base

Photo: Quad Cane - Small Base View details

Strong, lightweight, aluminium construction. Offset Swan Handle.

Height Adjustable: 760- 990mm

Side Folding Walking Frame

Photo: Side Folding Walking Frame View details

A rigid aluminium frame with height adjustable legs. Features moulded plastic handgrips.

Height Adjustable: 810-910mm/ 32”-36”

Strollator 2in1

Photo: Strollator 2in1 View details

Perfect product designed for those who need the aid of a rollator and a transport wheelchair.

The cleverly designed designed backrest and footrest allows this rollator to convert into a wheelchair within seconds, allowing an occupant to be pushed around by an attendant.

The strollator folds into a compact unit in a single action and can be further dismantled for storage.

Maximum User Weight: 136kg

Seat Width: 480mm

Unit Weight: 8.5kg

Care Solution: Doubles as a Walker & Wheelchair!

Tray Trolley Walker

Photo: Tray Trolley Walker View details

Height adjustable convenient trolley walker with removable trays for ease of cleaning.

Underarm Crutches, Small & Medium

Photo: Underarm Crutches, Small & Medium View details

Comfortable, special light weight but strong wooden construction and height adjustable.

Viking - Patient Walking Tudor

Photo: Viking - Patient Walking Tudor View details

A revolution in walking aids, this new design focuses on functionality. Not only is the height adjustable, so is the width, arm pads and handles. Set on heavy duty castors, the strong aluminium frame is sure to impress with distinctive European design.

Options: Oxygen bottle holder, Basket, IV Pole.

Maximum User Weight: 200kg

Care Solution: European design for todays rehabilitation.

Walker Frames with 3 Wheels

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This 3 wheeled walker features ergonomic handles, loop lock hand brakes, vinyl pouch and a basket. The wheels are made to roll easily on practically any surface.Perfect for tight space manouvreability.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel.Folds easily for storage or transportation.

Frame colour: Burgundy.

Aluminium front fork with ball bearing.
Open width: 25” Height adjusts: 30” - 36”
8” X 2” solid PU tire, Includes bag & basket.

Net Weight: 7kgs.

Maximum user weight: 100kgs.

Care Solution: Great for indoor and outdoor use.


Walker Frames with 4 Wheels

Photo: Walker Frames with 4 Wheels View details

Removable padded backrest, ergonomic hand grips, height adjustable handles, lockable hand brakes, padded seat and basket. Lightweight aluminium frame. Frame may differ slightly from photograph shown.

Total Weight: 7kg

X Series Rollator

Photo: X Series Rollator View details

By far the most stylish rollator on the market, the "X Series" rollator features many innovative functions and options including tray and cup holder. Compact folding and easy disassembly makes this rollator east to store and transport. Boasting superb manouverability and seating comfort, it is easy to service and maintain.

Seat Width: 475mm

Maximum User Weight: 136kg